Chasing Wax


I spent sometime at the foundry today, “chasing wax”. When the wax pieces come out of the rubber molds….they often need touching up. This is a sculpture called Trail Boss (the head).

About J. Rogers

Scott and I reside in Logan, Utah. Our studio is located in Paradise, Utah. Scott loves the quiet peaceful place to do his work. Scott is a Sculpting Artist, specializing in the 'Old West' and 'Americana Themes'. Scott sculpts using clay as his medium and casting peices into bronze with many different patinas available. He will consider commissions. He is a master at creating monuments! View all posts by J. Rogers

One response to “Chasing Wax

  • Stephen M. Hall


    Glad to see that you are doing well. My wife, Barbara, and I met you in Santa Fe in 1998 (out 20th Anniversary) and we purchased Gentlemen of the Jury 20/30. It still sits proudly in my chambers and there have been hundreds and hundreds of people who have commented on it over the years and wanted to know more about you. Hopefully some of them have become your clients.

    Best of luck in the future and keep up the good work. Hopefully once I retire and have more time to travel my wife and I can look you up.

    Judge Stephen M. Hall

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