When looking to purchase fine art…

When you find yourself looking to purchase a piece of fine art, that you’re possibly going to live with for the rest of your life and pass on to generations, make sure it has balance And a great composition. A work of art can stand alone on those two principles.

Balance: the arrangement of objects that leaves one contented.
Composition: how one form plays off another to create a feeling.  (Often portrayed by shapes.)

When you look at a sculpture or a painting, ask yourself, “Do I feel comfortable?” “Is the balance or anatomy off?” “Is the movement awkward?”  “Would the subject really move like that?”

Collecting is such a personal thing.
Some collectors,  find their “eye” develops over time, and what once caught their eye, doesn’t any more. However, there is a man who has been collecting for 40 years. I
viewed his entire collection and picked my favorite painting. When I told him which piece it was , he said, “That was the very first painting I ever bought”.  Trust what you feel.

About J. Rogers

Scott and I reside in Logan, Utah. Our studio is located in Paradise, Utah. Scott loves the quiet peaceful place to do his work. Scott is a Sculpting Artist, specializing in the 'Old West' and 'Americana Themes'. Scott sculpts using clay as his medium and casting peices into bronze with many different patinas available. He will consider commissions. He is a master at creating monuments! View all posts by J. Rogers

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