Monumental Buffalo Update

For those following the progress of the monumental buffalo, here is an update.

Photos of:
Clay buffalo with seven coats of silicon rubber. Sprayed with a dense foam mother mold.



The mold is cut off the clay and cleaned up in preparation for the wax coating.




Next, a wax coat is applied to the mold sections.



Here’s where it gets interesting. The wax is cut into small sections and has sprues attached. These are the coated with a silica sand. It is into the silica sand investment shells that the bronze is poured.


Once the bronze is poured into the ceramic shell…it is chiseled off and ready for welding together. This photo shows hoof, beard, etc.



About J. Rogers

Scott and I reside in Logan, Utah. Our studio is located in Paradise, Utah. Scott loves the quiet peaceful place to do his work. Scott is a Sculpting Artist, specializing in the 'Old West' and 'Americana Themes'. Scott sculpts using clay as his medium and casting peices into bronze with many different patinas available. He will consider commissions. He is a master at creating monuments! View all posts by J. Rogers

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