“Canyon Winds”

“Canyon Winds”
The clay, on the left, is headed to the foundry tomorrow. I thought it’d be fun to show how it will look as a completed bronze, with wood base and cast tag. 


About J. Rogers

Scott and I reside in Logan, Utah. Our studio is located in Paradise, Utah. Scott loves the quiet peaceful place to do his work. Scott is a Sculpting Artist, specializing in the 'Old West' and 'Americana Themes'. Scott sculpts using clay as his medium and casting peices into bronze with many different patinas available. He will consider commissions. He is a master at creating monuments! View all posts by J. Rogers

One response to ““Canyon Winds”

  • Daniel Wilcox

    Nice horse Scott. How much? We are enjoying Hightailin’ a lot. We have it on a chest in the entry hall of the house. Looking forward to another! We’ll be in Santa Fe first week of August. Hope we can run into you.

    Maj Daniel R Wilcox, USMCR

    510 Alexander Circle

    Columbia, SC 29206

    cell: 803-261-1917

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