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The Booth Museum / Cartersville, Geogia

This weekend, Janette and I are visiting The Booth Museum, in Cartersville, Georgia. We are their guest on a panel to discuss “Artists and their business partner’s (spouse) working relationships”

The museum has on display a show entitled, “Below the Sweet Tea Line”. It’s an exhibition of regional collectors who’ve temporary loaned works of art to the museum.

During our walk through of the show, we had a fun surprise. We turned a corner and saw an old friend, “Watcher of the Plains” (1997). This was the fastest sold out piece of my career. I believe we sold the edition of 30 castings in 45 days.


An amazing show!

Check out their website:

At the museum was a casting of Fritz White (my mentor). It’s called,
“In search of the Snow Goose”. It warms my heart to see his work.


Sitting at the Dodge Dealership.

I love taking wax with me when I’ve got to sit a while. Being a passenger on a plane or in a car (or today getting my oil changed)….allows me to work on some of a pieces finer details in wax. This left hand is going on the man in the lower left side of this piece.

I’m calling it “Base Ball”. It depicts an 1890’s baseball team.




“Never Bested”

This piece was begun and 95% completed six months ago. It has sat on the shelf untouched since then. This past weekend, my nephew, with the body of a Greek God, came to visit. I had him model and fine tuned this dude. He’s getting close.

A fun aspect of this sculpture….I went online and found a pair of Levi’s that dated back to the late 1800’s. They had lain in the dirt…in an old Arizona mine for over a hundred years. I used them in this piece.

“Never Bested”




Another bozzetti

It’s fun to make two or three bozzetti’s at the same time. One of my mentors, Stanley Bleifeld, taught me to do that. In one of his classes we started with clay and in 15 minutes we had to have a small sketch completed.

Oft times I find that the honesty and spontaneity of the smaller clay sketches works are better than the larger bronzes.


Buffalo Monument / Finished in Metal

Grateful for a great team of men who make the molds, pour the waxes, pour the bronze, chase the metal.

“American Bison”

Notice the stainless steel supports underneath. They go up inside the buffalo to minimize lateral movement.





Buffalo Monument – Tail

When the tail is being attached….you know it’s getting close to being finished.




Buffalo Monument – update

Here are the latest images of “American Bison”. All the pieces to be welded together are cast (notice the tail, beard and hooves). Notice the stainless steel post up through the leg. Each leg will have one. That will minimize the lateral movement in the piece.









It’s starting to look like a buffalo

It’s starting to look like a buffalo.

Look close and notice how tight the seams in metal are. That’s fine work.



The Chamisa Blooms All Summer

Whenever I drive through the deserts of New Mexico I see the plant called Chamisa by the side of the road. Ten years ago the title “The Chamisa Blooms All Summer” came to me. There are times I’ve sculpted a piece so that it won’t haunt me anymore to be created.

Well sculpting the piece I decided to make the woman with child. She’s blooming too.





Sculpture finished = play time

When I finish a sculpture…..a funny thing happens. I use so much creative energy, oft times for months, that I’m pretty useless sculpting to a while. After the big buffalo was completed, my father-inlaw and I made our way to Alaska to do a little salmon fishing. We’ve netted 45 in six days. Have six more hours to fish…….. Wish us luck to bring in 50.


The # of times….

I would love to know the number of times I’ve looked in my rearview mirror (the past 700 miles) to see if they were still there.

Delivering three monuments to Santa Fe, Nm.


At the Foundry….again

New sculptures

I’ve been working of these two pieces for several months.

Delivered them to Sage Creek Gallery for pre-casting…til the end of the year.

The man praying is called: Takin’ the Time

The bison is called: The Old Warrior


Pre-casts delivered safe to the foundry.

Delivered three pieces to the foundry yesterday. Took a blitz trip to Santa fe and picked these bad boys up.

Grateful for safe travel and mostly clear roads.

These three pieces are: The Jury is out / The Trooper (60% life) / Hashknife Pony Express.

I love leaving pieces in the clay for about a year now. It let’s me see them fresh a few times. Rodin once said, “For a piece to be great….I must have time to forget it”. I sooo relate to that.




The Jury Is Out

The Jury Is Out

Scott’s first jury piece with women in it. Scott’s other two jury’s have sold out.