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Please call or email our staff for more information on pricing, purchasing, casting time frames and availability of editions.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding Scott’s individual sculptures, private portraiture or monumental commissions.

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Scott Rogers Studio

Office phone: (435) 469-1646


16 responses to “Contact Us

  • Kathryn Edwards

    I am looking for a price on two of your sculptures “The Better Man/Wrong End of A 45” & “Bad Whiskey”. I have a friend that has offered to sell these to me but I can’t seem to find them. The Cowboys in The Better Man/Wrong End of A 45 are wearing long dusters. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I love your work and you really can tell you imparted a certain emotion in each and every piece. Thanks again

  • Jonathan earl lamb

    I was just wondering if you are hiring:) ? Your website is so cool, im a custom knife and sword blacksmith, but I’d love to learn more about bronze casting.

  • Bill and Mary Mathes

    When will Scott be in Los angeles for Masters of the American West at the Autry Center.
    We would enjoy seeing him.
    Bill and Mary Mathes
    San Clemente

  • James P. Delgado


    Thank you for your assistance. You do tremendous work.

    God Bless


  • Scott Rogers

    Good luck in your job search.

  • Judith Hockman

    Found a cast standing figure of a Navajo shepherd holding a lamb. Signed D.S. Rogers ’03, 7/30. Approx. 15″ tall. Had a rust coloration. Is this something you made and what is the value? This item when picked up felt solid, very heavy, not like a hollow casting. Thank you.

  • gary hamilton

    I’m told by your friend Jeff Johnson there is a sculpture titled “The Last Supper”. I cannot find a picture of it. Do you have a photo of it?

  • Dai Kayll

    Hi Scott, love the feel you put into your pieces.That little understated action and detail that transforms a sculpture and puts it closer to reality.
    Just watched the High Mesa dvd. Tremendous tips as to the detail necessary for the piece,thanks.


    Dai Kayll (Wales)

  • Jean Dunbar

    On a trip to Sante Fe years ago I searched high and lo for a bronze sculpture that captured the essence of man vs horse. Walking into a gallery (I think it was Christine’s?) I saw the perfect example, The Jokers Wild, sitting in the window. It is about 17″ tall. The horse was bucking the rider off, yet the cowboy still had the reins and a foot almost in a stirrup (#20/50). Bought it right away and have enjoyed it ever since.
    Thank you, and keep sculpting your fantastic cowboy sculptures!

  • Dale Anderson

    I have three pieces from your studio and was interested to see that you started a piece about Hugh Glassman. That event happened near here in Lemmon SD and I would like to get the finished piece when completed. Dale Anderson

  • Patrick Creutz

    I saw your bronze sculpture named WITH MY BOOKS item#166 at the NATIONAL COWBOY MUSEUM at OKLAHOMA CITY –would like to know how much for the bronze sculpture and to ship it to FLORIDA THANK YOU

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