“Of Proper Wit and Adventurous Spirit”

“OF PROPER WIT AND ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT” I read this title and ask myself, “How can I improve on that?” What fascinates me….is how, over the centuries, certain words go in and out of style. One can almost hear a movie blindfolded, or read a book, without knowing anything about it, and tell what era it comes from. About 25 years ago, I was watching the movie “Jeremiah Johnson”. As the film began, a narrator described the main character and he spoke the words, “He was of proper wit and adventurous spirit.” I remember stopping the video and writing it down….it struck me so. I knew that, one day, it would be a great title for a piece. I enjoy being the witness of how my artwork seems to be a culmination of my life experiences. SCOTT ROGERS

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