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Scott  loves creating a variety of works. Be it ‘high-action’, ‘multi-figured’, animal, spiritual or monumental, as long as he finds the subject matter challenging, he’s on it.

In Scott’s own words, “Creating a large sculpture teaches me to see the big picture”. “Sculpting women teaches me the subtleties of life.” “Multi-Figured pieces” push my knowledge of composition.

His first love of sculpting was geared towards creating ‘High Action’ pieces. This evolved into making ‘Quiet Pieces’, or rather, a non-moving work of art. With his having been geared towards action sculptures for years and interesting thing happened. His quiet pieces seemed to move more than most artists. Scott says, “Making a person or animal that is just standing there ‘appear to move’ is on of my greatest joys”. It’s these ‘quiet pieces’ that test his artistic ability to the max.

*We hope to assist you to find the perfect sculpture for your home, garden, office or any other place you’d like. There are so many fun sculptures to explore…..Enjoy!

American Bison (6' 9" bronze / Edition of 10)
Monumental Sculptures
"The Portage"
Native American Sculptures
Takin' the Time (in the clay, to be cast into bronze)
Cowboy Sculptures
"Shire" (5 1/2" High)
Animal Sculptures
A Rank Wildcat (Bronze) 54" High
Oil Derrick and Pump Jack Sculptures
Pendelton Girl
Women Sculptures
The Last Supper
Spiritual Sculptures

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