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Alphabetical Listing of Sculptures

Name of Piece Name of Piece
A Hunter’s Moon Pendleton 1921 (Maquette)
A Lame Wolf Still Bites Pendleton 1921 (Monument)
A Long Day Prairie Fire (Bucking Horse)
A Night at the Opera Prayer For The Corn
A Night in Juarez (front)
A Night to Remember The Lamb of God
A Slow Walk in a Cold Rain This is Where We Buried Him Last Fall
A Stalking Moon Pre-Cast:Trail Boss Maquette
A Telling Wind Pre-Cast:Winds of Wisdom
A Wolf Hunts With The Teeth He’s Got Pre-Cast:Wrong Way In Juarez
Acknowledging the Partnership Pushin’ Through A Drought
Addih-Hiddisch (Hidatsa) Rachel Knows
Against All Odds Range War (Bucking Horse)
Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Trip Reckless Abondon
All Her Chicks Renegades, Rebels and Rogues
Alone and Outnumbered Large Rescue
Alone and Outnumbered Med. Rests With Honor
Alone and Outnumbered Paperweig Rough Edges Of The Law
Apache Ruby’s Back In Town
As The Battle Rages Runnin’ The High Country
At the Waters Edge Seekers Of Wisdom
Bad Whiskey Shade is Where You Find It
Before The Council Shakespeare Debuts In Whiskey F
Behold, the Lamb Shire
Bison Sitting Bull death Mask Casting
Blessing The  Sacred Bundle Sitting Bull Death Mask Mold
Cagey, Mean and Onry Sleeping In These Clothes Is Ge
Calling the Buffalo (Large) Small Oil Derrick
Calling the Buffalo (Small) Smell Of The Sweet Grass
Calling The Night Speaker of Wisdom
Celebrating a Life Speaker Of Wisdom (Bust)
Stampede At Glorietta Pass
Cheyenne Drum Painter Steer Head (Curved)
Chiracahua (Maquette) Steer Head (Straight)
Chiricahua (Monument) SunUp To SunDown
Chiricahua Apache 60% Lifesize Tatonka
Christ on a Donkey The Anatomy Lesson
Closing The Distance?Almost Per The Bell Mare
Cochiti The Better Man/Wrong End .45
Corn and Garlic The Better Man/Wrong End (New)
Council Smoke The Chief Celeb. His New(Large)
Cowtown Bound The Chief Celebrates His(Small)
Coyote The Circuit Preacher
Creation (Wall Mount) The Evidence Suggests Foul Play
Cross of Christ The Fast Hand/Dangerous Pride
Cross of Christ (Tall) The Foreboding
Crow Shaman (Maquette) The Fugitives
Crow Shaman (Monument) The Giver
Daybreak The Glory Days
Don’t You Boys Know Gamblin’s a Sin The Gun Runner
Duty Bound The Gunrunner
Ear of Corn (Still Life) The Healing Drum
Early Til Late and in All Kinds of Weather The High Price Of Gold
Elegance The Iron Mistress
Elixers, Petticoats and Whatnot The Jokers Wild
Evenin’ the Odds The Last Supper
Eyeing His Morning Mount The Last Supper:Bronze – The Last Supper
Fiercely Independent The Last Supper:PreCast – The Last Supper
Firstborn The Lure of Gold
Flamenco The Law Remembered
Flirtin’ With The Undertaker Fate Has Been Suffered
For Spain, Glory and Gold The New Dress
Forever The Hunter (Wolf) The Opera Comes To Leadville
From Out of The Badlands The Other Side Of Seventeen
Gentlemen of the Jury The Pendleton Girls
Geronimo The Portage
Getaway Gone Wrong The Portage:Bronze – the Portage
Gold Always Comes With A Price The Portage:Pre-Cast The Portage
Good Breeding The Prospector
Gunfighter Bookends (Set) The Renegade
Guns For Gold The Showdown
Headin’ North The Stolen Bracelet
High Country Man The Trooper (Monument)
High Tailin’ The Wedding Vase
Hoka Hey They Put The Wild In The West
Honest Your Honor Third Time Up The Chisolm
Hope This Is Where We Buried Him Last Fall
Hopi Potmaker (Large) Too Much Rosin
Hopi Potmaker (Small) Tough End To A Hard Ride
Horse (Standing With Grass) Trail Boss (Maquette)
I Don’t Bluff Trail Boss 60% Lifesize
In Loving Arms Twenty Head For
In The Wings Of The Birdcage U.S. Cavalry Canteen
It’s Been Three Days No Relief Vaquero
Julie (Nude) Waitin’ On The Bluebellies
Julie (Nude):PreCast-Julie Watcher Of The Plains (Pipe)
Justice Poured From The Bottle Watcher Of The Plains(Headress)
Ke-Wa Corn Dancer Watching Mamma Pick Berries
Ke-Wa Corn Maiden We Chase The Wind And Shoot At Shadows
Korean Peasant We Fought Through Boggy Ground
Koshare (Ke-Wa) We Take On All Comers
Lamb of God Wells Fargo Strongbox
Last Of The Wild Ones When Men Dare To Dream
Mister…You’re Just Too Damn L When Spirits Rage
My Gut Tells Me Those Steers Di When We Gettin’ A New Cook
Navajo Deer Dancer Wild And Woolly
Navajo Shepherd Winds of Wisdom – Oglalla
No Quit In Either Of ‘Em With A Vengeance/Goin’ Down(Set
Not A Sparrow Falls With Reckless Abandon
Not All Horses Are Pampered With These Hands
Not Even a Whisper Wolf
Not Even A Whisper (Fountain) Working His Spirit
Not Tonight Boys Working The High Mesa
Odds Are Against Him (Dugout) Yellowstone Bison
Odds Are Against Him (Horse) The Wrangler
Oglalla Chief (Bust) 1st
Oil Derrick (Miniature)
On The Trail Of The Ancients
One More River To Cross
Other side of Seventeen

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