Yellowstone Bison

Yellowstone Bison – 21″ long


I love the majesty of bison (buffalo). The inherent nobleness in this beast of the plains commands attention. I’ve often found myself drawn to the shaggy appearance of bison in springtime – when they are shedding their thick winter coats. I love to see the discarded winter hair hanging in clumps and sheets off their backs.

Note: In a snowstorm, buffalo stand with their faces to the wind. While in this position, moisture from their noses is blown back and away from their nostrils. The first cattle brought up north suffocated as they faced away from the wind and the moisture from their noses collected around their nostrils and froze. I often part with the saying, “Keep the wind in your face”. A man lives to the extent that he expels from his life that which does not serve him. To de-hoard is to experience freedom.


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