A Lame Wolf Still Bites

A Lame Wolf Still Bites


“A Lame Wolf Still Bites”…(i.e. My depiction of a thug on the docks of San Francisco circa 1850’s) is as much a part of the old west as is Geronimo, the Chisholm Trail or Custer’s Last Stand. This fellow was probably ‘Shanghied’ himself as a yonker and is looking to turn a few bucks by returning the favor. Can you fault a fellow for living what he knows?

I have seen folks that tried to gentle wild animals, and scratched their heads when they couldn’t. A wolf is a wolf whether it’s a pup, toothless or in the prime of life. There are ‘so called’ domesticated wild animals – but, when push comes to shove, the wild is still there – it’s in the blood.

Have you noticed that I enjoy sculpting the “fringe” side of the old west?

I create the occasional cowboy on a horse – but – am more drawn to edgy subjects that cause double-takes and foster an examination of humanity and values.


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