Alone & Outnumbered

Alone and Outnumbered


I love it when a title (in few words) captures the essence of a sculpture. The proper title creates an atmosphere around a piece that is larger than the physical confines of the work itself.

With “Alone and Outnumbered” one doesn’t just see a cowboy on a horse – one sees the landscape, the pursuers, goes to that vulnerable place within – when perhaps they too were in a tight edgy spot. Feel the hot sun – the pounding of hooves. Hear the echo of the rifle, smell the dust and sense the urgency of both horse and rider.


4 responses to “Alone & Outnumbered

  • Wayne Bell

    Scott, Hope you are doing well. I always like looking at your website. I was wondering if you have any of this piece left. It is one that I have always admired. Looks like you are doing well……..Do you still go to Richardson very year?


  • Jim Briggs


    I saw this piece originally in a gallery off the plaza in Santa Fe where I believe you were working on a whimsical peace with a pool table at the same time. Like the writer before me, I’m wondering if there are any remaining pieces.


  • Tom Mannewitz

    My wife and I have collected several of Scott’s work. She passed away recently and I am going to be downsizing, so I am going to be selling most of her collection.
    I’m in Garland, Texas. Tom Mannewitz 214-343-4545

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