As Battle Rages

As the Battle Rages


“As the battle rages…” The world often knows no difference. Money is made, romance pursued, futures are planned.

“As the battle rages…” a mother’s prayer goes heavenward.
“As the battle rages…” a younger brother picks up his first date.
“As the battle rages…” A sweetheart tries on a new dress she knows he’ll love.

On foreign lands, native soil, air, sea and water – battles rage.
In our minds and for our hearts – battles rage.
For our souls – BATTLES RAGE.

As the battle rages…each soldier becomes isolated in a private war – mostly within his own mind. An acute awareness of all his resources (i.e. his training, his comrades, his commanding officer, his weapons, the land) flash through his mind like lightning. Survival, victory, honor, death – which shall be tasted today? The soldier often finds himself part of life on a grand scale, however, it’s the individual moments that define his life. He accepts the hardships, the drudgery, the discipline and despair – he knew they existed when he signed on; however, when it counts the most, in that critical hour, the soldier asks of his country, “Don’t waste my life needlessly”.


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