From Out of the Badlands

From Out of the Badlands


I love titles with double entendres.

I purposely left this piece wide open for interpretation.

– Were these two cowhands who ran into some trouble (Indians/rustlers)?
– Is this a lawman bringing back one of his posse who was killed by the men they hunted?
– Is this a bounty hunter bringing back an outlaw for the money and is being careful to watch his backtrail?

“The Badlands” of South Dakota were slow in being settled by whites. The area was suited for grazing and was primarily the domain of cattle, sheep and wild horses. Because of its remoteness, cattle and horse thieves often used it as a hideout. It was not until the railroad entered the area in 1907 that folks started populating “The Badlands”, and the free reign of rustlers came to an end.


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