“Gentlemen of the Jury…” (Sold Out)

“Gentlemen of the Jury…” (Sold Out)


I love the subtle, the story behind the story. The social commentary that isn’t noticed on first, second or third glance.

Our justice system is not set in stone. It’s a living thing; hence, it is subject to disease as well as good health. Now, more than ever, exists the need for us (as a nation) to examine our ability to enforce the law.

I desired to have fun in depicting a fledgling court atmosphere. Justice with a bit of and edge as both attorney and jury (first time for some) work their way through the legal process. A moment in time when humanity pauses and attempts to allow fairness in to the equation.


2 responses to ““Gentlemen of the Jury…” (Sold Out)

  • Rob Reynard

    I love this bronze and all your work. Funny, your name came up in an art gallery I was in today in Salt Lake City.

    • Scott Rogers

      Appreciate the kind comment.

      After reading your note, I thought you would enjoy an image of my latest jury that is still in clay. I put it on the “Whats New” page.
      The first two jury’s have sold out. People seem to love them!

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