Gold Always Comes With a Price

Gold Always Comes With A Price


Whether moiled out of the ground nugget by nugget, traded in kind for services rendered, purchased as coin in a speculation venture or schemed after in robbery gold always comes with a price. Be it bodily aches and pains, the sweet sleep of the honest laborer, anxious nights of unrest – all are had for the taking.

Before the 1900’s, there wasn’t an FDIC to insure bank deposits. Outlaws truly held a town’s monetary wealth at risk in thieving its gold, paper notes or coin. Communities were easily devastated and could take years to recover from selfish acts of robbery from banks, stagecoaches or mining companies.

Often, photographic images recorded those involved in “the hunt” for men and gold. I desired to depict a lawman, who with the aid of some folks in town were successful in retrieving stolen gold, and from the looks of things, the outlaws paid the price – or shortly will.


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