“Beside Still Waters” (clay model for bronze)

“Beside Still Waters”


Why do people enjoy getting ‘out of the city’ and spending time in nature? How often do people go to the mountains or walk by the seashore for a brief respite from life’s routine? Why is it that folks seek out certain types of people to be around, ones who calm their souls? Why do people want to ‘go home’ or during times of trouble……call out for ‘Momma’? Is it because they are looking for refuge, peace, stillness, a comforting presence, a part of life not man-made?

Is it possible to be in any life circumstance, in any place, with any type of person(s).….and both find and hold the stillness we crave? Are there ‘still waters’ we can set our hearts beside and know such a reality? Oh….to dispel what our mind thinks of as real and walk ‘beside still waters’, to look within and find the quiet place of the soul.

There is a famous prayer (23 Psalm) that millions have gone to for refuge. The title of this piece is taken from a few words of this passage.

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