Mister…You’re Just Too Damn Lucky

“Mister…You’re Just Too Damn Lucky”


I wanted to have fun with a very serious subject.

Have you ever had business dealings with someone whose ethics and morals you questioned? In fact, you were quite sure they were stealing from you. You knew they would probably continue to steal from you – but, dang it – you couldn’t figure out how they were doin’ it.

My father has often told me, “An honest man is hard to find”. I’ve searched the to know what he meant. With today’s “Get rich quick” mentality, “As long as it’s legal” attitude, and “Loophole in the law” quest, most seem forced to ask themselves, “How can I get in and out of this business transaction without being scathed, fleeced, or taken to the cleaners?

How I revel in the presence of one who makes truth his watchword.


3 responses to “Mister…You’re Just Too Damn Lucky

  • Tom Knarr

    I met you a long time ago in a gallery in Santa Fe where you were making ‘Mister Your Just Too Damn Lucky’. My 2 boys were little then but seeing your sculpture was the highlight of our trip. We talk of it to this day & always laugh. The last time I talked with you several years ago you said you had one of them and I was wondering if you still had it & if you would still consider selling it. I’m older now & just might be able to afford one of your pieces – what better one to talk about than that one.

  • john Robinson

    I have one edition for sale…250 286 1377

  • James Tonetti

    Dear Tom,
    This is a total stab in the dark as this is such an old post but I am in possession of this fabulous work of art and am looking to sell it. I inherited it from my Father who recently passed and as much as I love the sculpture, I just don’t have any place to put it…if you are still interested you can email me at jim.tonetti@gmail.com

    Best Regards,

    Jim Tonetti

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