Range War

Range War


For me, one of the greatest things on earth is to witness two athletes (be they man or beast) battle head to head in fierce competition – each giving the pinnacle performance of his life. I heard it once said, ‘One only loses when he fails to get up one more time’. It’s the rare breed that’s knocked down one-hundred times and gets up and fight you the hundred and first. The unconquerable spirit that refuses to be broken – refuses to quit. They will have to be killed before they will have a master. Like in the 5 words of Churchill’s most famous speech, they, “Never, Never, Never give up!” I have talked with old ranchers who tell of two bulls fighting for days on end, of horses that would never be broken.

I believe a contest of wills can be had without getting personal. It is about ‘me’ and my commitment to my ideal and principles. Oh! If each one of us could live the life of a champion and live long enough to have our mettle tested in competition with one of equal desire.


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