“The Jury is Out” (clay)

“The Jury is Out” (Clay)


Why do you suppose it was the Territory of Wyoming that in December of 1869 was the first to grant women the right to vote, right to own property, the right for equal pay and serve on juries?

More than the fact that it occurred…..I find it more interesting ‘where’ it occurred. Was it perhaps that out west women were not merely seen as decoration? I like to feel that those who lived in a land that took heart and soul to thrive knew that the participation of women in Wyoming community politics was living in integrity.

In sculpting this piece, I wanted to have fun with a very serious subject. Human relationships have always intrigued me. I felt the interaction of men and women on an old west jury would provide an opportunity to explore some rather interesting moments.


In 1890, Wyoming entered the Union. President Benjamin Harrison signed a bill approving Wyoming as the Nations ‘equality state’. The first recorded female Justice of the Peace in either a city, state, nation or the world, was in South Pass, Wyoming. The Nation’s first woman governor was Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming.

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