The Law Remembers / Fate Has Been Suffered

The Law Remembers / Fate Has Been Suffered (in bronze – only sold as a set)


In a very subtle way…..I show the past catching up with the present. The lawman holds an old cap and ball pistol. His familiarity with the well-worn ‘tool’ makes it reliable and deadly. After months of searching…he has finally caught up with the outlaw (who holds the modern Colt .45). The desperado may sport the newer weapon, but is no match for the savvy of the defender of the law.

Ever heard: “The past will catch up with you”, “You reap what you sow”, “What goes around comes around”? Could there really be any truth to those sayings?


2 responses to “The Law Remembers / Fate Has Been Suffered

  • Eric Seidman

    This piece, which I had the privilege to see in Santa Fe before it was cast, is another amazing depiction of a moment in our past you have managed to capture flawlessly. I am writing a comment here because of how poor this photograph is in comparison to the movement and emotion the actual sculpture has. Please do yourself (and your fans) a favor and supply a better picture of this magnificent work. Thank you.

    • Scott Rogers

      This is Janette, Scotts wife. I agree! That is our constant delema. Getting the life of a 3D object across on a 2D surface…photos, computer screens etc. I agree they are so much better in real life! Sometimes they make it to a movie clip but that is the best we’ve got so far. Thanks for the comment. I’ll keep working on it.

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