We Chase the Wind and Shoot at Shadows

We Chase the Wind and Shoot at Shadows


During the late 1800’s, the ‘United States Cavalry Trooper’ played an influential part in settling the Southwest. At this time, the Indian wars were in full swing. Geronimo and his band (as well as other Indian tribes) terrorized settlers and travelers across the territory. The Apache were famed for their fierceness in battle and resourcefulness in evading capture. The Chiricahua Apache dwelt among the Sierra Madre Mountains in southeast Arizona.

In describing the military’s efforts to apprehend the apache warriors, one soldier said, “We chase the wind and shoot at shadows”.

To combat this threat, military forts were established throughout Arizona in order to maintain government control and protect white settlers.

This sculpture of, “THE TROOPER”, honors the men who valiantly served their country in the UNITED STATES CAVALRY during this perilous time. It is accurate down to the last detail. Take a moment and notice the 45-70 carbine, the leather strap and clip that secures the rifle to the soldier, the silk scarf worn inside the collar to prevent chaffing by the wool shirt, U.S. military issue spurs, boots, gloves, hat, pants, holster and sidearm.


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