“Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Trip” (monument 5ft 2in)

“Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Trip” (monument 5ft 2in)


As Long as he can remember, this young boy has been asked, two or three times a day, to go out to the woodpile and bring in ‘more’ logs for the fire. He’s tired of this chore and is bound and determined to bring in enough wood – in one trip – so he won’t have to do it again. Where does ‘want to’ come from? How is it that an internal ‘something’ gets triggered and seems to take over? It claims ownership over the body and moves one to action beyond ones’ known physical ability. My brother, PJ, at the age of 8 saw the teacher write his name on the chalkboard for talking. This meant he’d have to stay after school in detention. He quickly told the teacher…”I’m gonna hold my breath ‘til you erase my name”. A couple of minutes later, PJ had passed out…when he awoke (with the teacher patting his cheek) his name was not written on the board. Where does ‘want to’ come from? I’m 50 next month….about 6 years ago, my brother-in-law asked me to find a place to go bullriding. “Gotta check it off my list”, he said. I found a place in Tooele, Utah, where the pro’s practice in the off season. We walked in…I got the vibe…”Gonna ride me one tonight”, I said. I lasted about 4.23 second…and didn’t walk straight for a month. What was huge for me…”I’d forgot”. I’d forgotten, from my youth, that to stay on a bull…I had to “want it” more than I wanted life itself.


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