Council Smoke (Sold Out)

Council Smoke (Sold Out)


In creating this piece, I visualized a single individual, who, in meeting with others like himself, seeks truth and wisdom in council.

Boardrooms across the world (in churches, businesses, scholastic environments) are well served by those who are open to the discussion of concepts/ ideals/ and principles with the objective of gaining insight into the truth.

Ever heard of Family Home Evening? As a youth growing up in a family of nine, I well remember Monday Nights. We’d all take an hour out of our day to get on the same page. A discussion of the weeks coming activities, rides, money matters, a gospel lesson, a summersault by three year old P.J. was followed by hand cranked ice cream. We weren’t sitting in a teepee taking turns with the smoke pipe, but we laughed, sang, discussed our lives and counseled one another. In short, we were one, we were a family.


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