Hoka Hey

Hoka Hey


The Sioux Indians had a war cry of, “Hoka hey!” Translated it means, “It’s a good day to die”. Don’t be misled and read into this phrase that by voicing this statement a warrior desired to die, that would be the exact opposite of its intent. Take the meaning to a higher level and feel the following interpretation: When a warrior went into battle and cried, “Hoka hey”, he was exulting, “My life is in order, I am one with my God, I am void of offense towards the Great Spirit – I have its blessing, should my life be taken this day – all is in order – It is a good day to die”.

This piece depicts a Crow Chief at the end of his meditations. He has communed with the spirits, received purification and obtained permission to go into battle. He has found that spiritual strength within himself that allows him to be fearless against the enemy. “Hoka Hey”.

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