Seekers of Wisdom

Seekers of Wisdom


In creating this piece, I visualized men in council – each seeking wisdom and truth.

Boardrooms across the world (in churches, businesses, scholastic environments) are well served by those who are open to the discussion of concepts, ideals and principles with the objective of gain insight into the truth.

Ever heard of Family Home Evening? As a youth growing up in a family of nine, I well remember Monday nights. We’d all take an hour out of our day to get on the same page. A discussion of the weeks coming activities, rides, money matters, a gospel lesson, a summersault by three year old
P.J. was followed by hand cranked ice cream. We were not sitting in a teepee taking turns with the smoke pipe, but we laughed, sang, discussed our lives and counseled one another. In short, were one, we were a family.

These are Crow Indians, in a fall council, discussing the merits of going to war. Here are the clues that are fun to find
—The central figure has his hair (worn to the ground) platted in to sheaths with either white or red gum. This was a hairstyle worn only in the fall by Crow Indians.
—The elderly Indian on the left has a war medicine ring. Fastened to the ring is a parrot’s head, an eagle bone whistle, eagle feathers and a strip of mountain lion hide.
—All three wear characteristic Crow Indian adornments around their necks.
—Crow warriors were noted for their creative hairstyles. It was not unusual for an entire eagle to be fastened to the top of the head. Here, on the far right Indian, is fastened a partial eagle head and wings.
—The central figure has Crow hair bows on each side of his head through which hair has been drawn. The hair is drawn down through bone hair pipes, between which are brass beads.
—The seashells worn in a concave manner in necklaces, hair and fastened to the smoke pipe are symbols of the sun.
—Feathers are fluted high above the sides on the central figure. Not the feathers are notched. Feathers were notched to signify deeds, (i.e. courage, valor, counting coup, the taking of a scalp etc.)
—Crow men often had their bangs cut straight across and made them stand up with bear or buffalo grease.
—The right figure has an eagle wing fan.
—Seen from behind and between each warrior are medicine bundles.

I love geometric shapes in pieces. The three triangles are obvious. Do you notice that when you stand in front of this piece, and back about two feet, you become part of the circle?


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