“Rests With Honor”

“Rests With Honor”


Every once in a while I’ll purposely create a work that has a “quiet” spirit. “Rests With Honor”, is such a piece. This is a Sioux Indian…wise and battle worn, enjoying the gentle breeze of an afternoon. Rest to him means something different than just taking a nap. It is a rejuvenation of soul and body.

I love the outdoors. One of the reasons I love to camp in the mountains is to enjoy the peace of a nap. Heaven on earth, for me, includes a gentle breeze soothing my body under the shade of a pine tree (at about 7500ft).

Can I tell on myself (and in so doing, perhaps let you inside the world of an artist)? After coming up with this concept (which took over 10 years to gestate in various sketches to reach its final state), my ego chimed in, “Who’s going to buy a sleeping Indian?” Believe it or not, if I don’t create what my heart tells me to, the ideas haunt me. Most ideas won’t leave me alone until I give them life in the world of form.


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