Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb – Sold Out


For me, the life of Jesus Christ was an invitation of, “Come follow Me and do the things you have seen me do”.

Is it possible that “The only way to know a thing is to be a thing”?
Ponder the following with me…

To know love, one must be loving.
To know forgiveness, one must be forgiving.
To know Christ, one must be Christ like.

I purposely closed His eyes to take the viewer on a personal inward journey of connection.

The subtle angle of His palms, opened upwards to the Divine source and outwards towards mankind, acknowledges Him as the conduit, the mediator.

I sent an image of this piece to a friend of mine in Dallas. He wrote me back, “Behold, the Lamb”. I instantly connected with the title and knew he had named the piece.


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