“Not A Sparrow Falls…”

“Not A Sparrow Falls…”


I was taught as a child that God sees all and knows each of us by name, and that “not a sparrow falls…” but what He knows about it. I felt the depth of that phrase worked well with this piece.

It is amazing to watch folks as they connect with it (however they choose). Some see the dregs of society. Some see themselves. Some see a friend or family member. Some are moved to question their giving. Some loathe it and are repulsed. Many judge quickly and turn away. Some are voyeurs and watch as though he were a train wreck. Some pretend it isn’t real. Many wonder, “Why would I sculpt such a thing?”

What most don’t realize is they are not seeing a drunk, but themselves (their past, the adopted judgments of their parents, friends and society). I sent an email, with an image of this piece, to a friend of mine, who wrote back: “I have a grateful awareness of the redemption that can plumb all depths. It may not be the ‘easy to see’ bottle that brings me down, and lays me low, but there are certainly areas in my life when I am as broken and lost as he is. We all are.”

This piece has sat in my studio (as a clay sculpture) for over ten years. I have enjoyed it personally and now share it with the world. For me, the greatest six words in the English language come from the parable of “The Prodigal Son”. They read, ”and when he came to himself”. Isn’t that what each of us is looking for – that spark of deity within (call it what you will), which is connected to the source of all life?


6 responses to ““Not A Sparrow Falls…”

  • Paul Blackburn, DO

    This is the first sculpture of yours that I stumbled upon. It had a tremendous pull on my soul, and I am finding that it still does. I just completed my 10th year of successful sobriety, and taking a day at a time, hope for many more.

    I am also an ER doctor at the County Hospital in Phoenix, for the last 22 years. Suffice to say that I see many, many patients just like this every day.

    For these two reasons alone I would agree completely with your personal interpretation of these addiction-plagued individuals.

    It has been some time since I visited your website. At that time you had two of these left. Out of curiosity, are any still available?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Paul Blackburn, DO
    (480) 789-3045

  • Ray Winsel

    i own this piece–beautiful The true life experience

  • Brooke Major

    I have seen this piece many times at your home and am guilty of being one of those people who has misunderstood the piece and wondered why it was sculpted. Rather than giving it a second glance and thinking about why it was sculpted and how I could learn from it, I shallowly turned away. I have been looking around your site today at various pieces of art and have loved reading your descriptions of the pieces. It has opened my eyes to how and why art is created and how it can be seen and applied to our lives. I’m excited to apply this new learning and understanding as I get the privilege of enjoying your art. Thank you for influencing my life with your talent.

  • Jim Kilpatrick

    Hello Mr. Rogers: (that kinda sounds weird, lol)
    I purchased one of your “not a sparrow falls …” statutes from an Art Gallery in Santa Fe a decade or so ago. It’s the only piece of “art” that has ever really reached in and touched my soul. It reminded me of my Dad, then … me. Now, one of my sons. But, it really represents us all. It really says, to me, “But by the Grace of God, there might I be.” Thanks for sharing it! God bless!

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