Takin’ the Time

Takin’ the Time


I’ve often wondered, “Is there ever a prayer necessary other than, ‘Thank you’?” “Thank you for this moment of life where I am able to reach within and find that part of me connected to Thee.” And, having once found ‘that place’, “May I live in peace and share it with others.”

What is prayer but a deliberate conscious decision to acknowledge the temporary nature of a physical world? Why pray? Because on some level, one knows they ‘themselves’ are eternal? And, that the actions they take have consequences?

Is every thought and action a declaration of either, “I am of a Divine nature” or “I’m alone and matter naught but to myself”?

Have I not been given every experience, every joy and every pain to learn a lesson of love? I then ask, “When I truly do learn…is there not cause for joy?” If there is joy in learning, why then would every experience not be looked upon as a gift?

I’ve learned that any true artist, through their work, gives us a glimpse of what’s beyond the physical realm. One begins by looking at a work of art and is led beyond the confines of the form itself….soon the form disappears and one is left in ‘feeling’. Is tapping into “feeling” a means by which we are able to connect with people? If we push our feelings away are we choosing to be alone?

On a personal note: I remember back to a ‘dark night of the soul’ in my life….when I cried out for help. I can now look back on that time as the catalyst that caused me to begin sculpting.

How does one still the mind?
Perhaps being willing to say, “I don’t know”? Is possibility just another word for ‘creation’? Is “I don’t know” really a small acknowledgement that there is another option besides what comes from a finite mind?

One response to “Takin’ the Time

  • Art Jensen

    I enjoyed meeting you and talking about this piece. You have a wonderful ability to capture action as well as peace, in the absence of motion, in others. Thank you, again.

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