The Healing Drum

The Healing Drum


For centuries “sound” has been used, by all cultures, as a tool in the art of healing. Be it a chant, song, mantra or through the voice of a declared blessing….’sound’ is used to call forth healing. In particular, the sound of the drum has been at the forefront of such practices.

What power is there in sound? How many wounds have been soothed by a mother’s gentle voice? Why is it that an aching heart can be healed from hearing a sincere, “Forgive me”?

Why is it that people who yearn for answers often seek them in the solitude of nature? Is there something inherent in a mountain stream, a rolling wave, a wind swept peak that calls out to those looking for answers? Could it have anything to do with ‘natural rhythms’? A vibration that is so innate, so familiar, so primal, it is hungered for and instantly recognized. The question poses itself…”Where did I first experience this vibration, such that I would seek it out?”


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