THE LAST SUPPER – “That they all may be one…”

The Last Supper

THE LAST SUPPER – “That they all may be one…”

My purpose…? ”To create in physical form, that which inspires others to find Divinity within themselves.”

This piece has been in the making since I first started sculpting back in 1990. I have always been drawn to create ‘multi-figured’ pieces (poker games, barroom brawls, lynch mobs, twelve men in an ‘old west’ jury, open casket funeral wakes, six men carrying a coffin to boot hill, 19th century anatomy classes, etc.). Even though, for 20 years, my focus has been depicting ‘The Old West’, I knew the ultimate ‘multi-figured’ piece would be, ‘The Last Supper’. I attempted to begin this sculpture on several occasions…only to tear it up…as I found I did not have the knowledge to pull it off. After gathering research for about 10 years (i.e. archeological, historical, spiritual, increasing my sculpting ability, and finding a good amount of time to set aside to work on it – seven months) I began this piece again in August of 2008.

It has been an incredible journey of creation. I thank all of my family, artists, patrons, passers by, friends and influences both seen and unseen, who offered input and encouragement that I found ‘invaluable’. Truly this has been a ‘group effort’.


One response to “THE LAST SUPPER – “That they all may be one…”

  • Vicki Strauss

    Thank you for your artistic vision and creativity. I remember watching you work on this piece in Scottsdale. You also were generous with your time and shared some sculpting info/techniques. I have one of your pieces (Watcher/sentry?) which I treasure

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