“This is Where We Buried Him Last Fall”

“This is Where We Buried Him Last Fall”


“Joseph….I sure do miss ya! We all do…..”

“There’s a kid who drifted in and hired on with the ‘ole man. He’s green, but has the makin’s of a real hand. I gave him your saddle – didn’t think you’d mind. Damn cock sure of hisself – reminds me of you – when you were comin’ up.”

“Jenny shore was tore up about losing you. She cried for days. Last I heard, she went back East to visit an aunt.”

“We’re bringing up over three-thousand head this trip. Goin’ real slow and gentle like, as there’s a lot of yearlin’s in the bunch.”

“I miss your jokes Joseph! You had a way of makin’ a body feel at ease.”

“Just so’s you know…them boys what tried to take the herd…you laid out two of them that night…and the rest….ain’t a one of ‘em breathing God’s clean air!”

“Ya done good Joseph, ya done good!”


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