The Anatomy Lesson (clay)

The Anatomy Lesson


I was inspired by Leonardo de Vinci’s, “the Anatomy Lesson”, where he painted medical students around a dissected cadaver. What if I was to move this concept forward in time 400 years? I felt to use a live model and make her the focal point.

I know physicians use living as well as dead models (as human anatomy’s fullness and vibrancy ceases to exist from one state to the other).

I love anatomy! One of my greatest joys is to discover new forms to sculpt on the body (the shape of a bone, the bulge of a muscle, how cloth falls from stress points, what muscles do when stretched). I learn a new form as though I just found a new flavor of ice cream.

Discovery is learning! Whether that learning be forced or embraced, (i.e. compulsory or passion filled) experience equates into knowledge – from which wisdom can be born.


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