They Put The Wild in the West

They Put The Wild in the West


At the beginning of this century, until the 1930’s, women competed in rodeos across the nation. They competed in calf-roping, bronc riding, bull dogging and trick riding. Some were expert in firearms and gave demonstrations (i.e. Annie Oakley). After the events many of the contestants gathered and had group pictures taken. Many of these images were placed on postcards, calendars, and other promotional material. To me, these women were pioneers.

Are you a pioneer treading uncharted land, or, are you walking on well trod ground that is safe? “For of all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are these it might have been” – John Greenleaf Whittier.

How many search for the meaning of life rather than living life? I love the human experience – which is nothing more than learning who I am.


2 responses to “They Put The Wild in the West

  • Peggy Thomas

    I purchased this bronze in New Mexico and now cannot remember who the women were. Could you let me know?

    • Scott Rogers


      The ladies in the sculpture of “They put the wild on the west” do not represent specific women. Rather, they were sculpted to honor, ‘in general’, the cowgirls that participated in rodeos for women from 1895-1935.

      I pulled research from a collection of images in books and the Internet.

      A great book on this subject matter is by Judith Crandall called , “Cowgirls: Early images and collectibles”.

      My best
      Scott Rogers

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