Art lifts the spirit! It assists one to reach out for what is good in life. Art inspires a person to feel better about themselves and their fellow man.

The purpose of these sculpting workshops is to create a hands on environment for students to come up with questions and then and ASK their questions.  For, only when we have a question can we hear our answer. In this manner the student learns that they are forever the student and the teacher.  The true definition of the word ‘educate’ means  “to draw out that which is from within”.

These sculpting workshops place emphasis on composition, balance and design, focusing on the creative concept. Come learn that ‘line is spirit’, that the words ‘sculpture’ and ‘feelings’ are synonomous and that being an artist has everything to do with the level of commitment to the task at hand.

Here are some particulars of the class: Each student is asked to bring at least one sculpture that is 50% finished – that can be pushed beyond the limits of where their ability is presently at.  I like to have students begin the class where they are…rather than spending 3-4 days getting to that point. Each student is asked to bring materials to start another piece – from the mold board up (I teach how to build an armature that is strong). There will be emphasis on ‘anatomy’, ‘composition’, ‘balance’, and ‘design’. When invited, I encourage all students to express their voice (to assist other students in the class).

As you know, my forte is ‘the old west’. Rest assured that your invited to bring whatever is ‘your passion’ to sculpt (be it clowns or camels). All great art consists of following established ‘timeless’ principles. It is these principles that we’ll cover. I once heard it said, “Our subject matter is only the excuse to get our hands on clay”.

Understanding anatomy, dynamics and motion, I gladly share my knowledge in this five day sculpting workshop.