SCOTT ROGERS – Instructor statement and philosophy

Since 1994, I have made my living as a professional sculptor. I have created a unique voice in the world of sculpting workshops. All of my training has come from other artists (the majority of that time being spent in the ‘professional sculpting workshop’ setting). I have taken over 18 workshops –  from some of the finest sculptors in the world.  I took voracious notes, gleaned the best I could from each and share that knowledge with those that choose to learn.

My desire is to use art as a vehicle – inspiring mankind in see the beauty of all life.  Artists are prone to leave emotional fingerprints all over their work; hence, in a real way, when you view an artist’s work, what you’re seeing are self–portraits.  For me, sculpting is a conduit from the heart to the physical form in front of me. When sculpting, the question I often ask is, ‘How deeply am I going to allow myself to feel, trust, listen?’  I love how shape and form communicate.  Every line has a spirit and speaks volumes.

I find myself in a constant state of research.  From my peers, collectors and non-artists, I am always seeking meaningful feedback that lends itself to enhancing my work. I have found that one of the roadblocks is to say, ‘I know’, for it only leads to stagnation. Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned is to “live in the question”, for answers come from anywhere and anyone.

Art lifts the spirit! It assists one to reach out for that which is good in life. Art inspires one to feel better about themselves and their fellowmen. It is now time for me to pass on what I have learned. To this end I am committed. Come to learn and leave your ego at home. We get to come from the heart and explore the newness of life.  All the mind knows is the past.  If one chooses to operate from the past…nothing can be learned.

See you soon,
Scott Rogers

3 responses to “Instructor

  • Eric Olsen

    Came by the Celebration of Fine Art today and am very intrigued by the stagecoach piece you are working on. I think it was called Changing the Horses. So much interest and the stories of each individual in the scene are so fascinating. I would like to see a photo of this once you are done.

    • Scott Rogers


      One item of note for this piece…..the title has not come to me yet. I am pondering, “Changing the Horses”, “Cheyenne to Deadwood”, “Flatrock to Mudsprings”. I’ll get it pinned down.

      Thanks for your interest. I’ll keep you posted on its progress.

      My best

      Scott Rogers

  • Joyce Campbell

    Dear Mr Rogers

    Looking at your art on your website after following up on a business card you gave me on the plane to Salt Lake City at the beginning of August this year has been a wonderful experience. (You were traveling with your daughter from Kansas City.) I have visited all the places you recommended near Heber City and also further afield (Moab arches, Bryce Canyon and more.)

    Visiting Utah was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life – your country and your portrayal of the soul of your country through your art is fascinating.

    I have had the chance to “have my fingers in clay” many years ago and have found the process of creativity generating a deep inner peace that is difficult to describe to someone else.

    One day…. (God willing) I shall come and attend a workshop – it has most definitely been added to my bucket list!

    Joyce Campbell
    South Africa

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