Scott’s 5 day sculpting class in Utah.  The amount of information and one on one instruction is worth well beyond the cost of admission.  The class was taught in a manner that revealed the basic building blocks of art and composition, before sculpting techniques were even discussed. Students attending this workshop receive first class instruction and may even learn life lessons about their own personalities as artists.  Scott’s passion for teaching may just rival his passion for sculpture!

I think something that really helped me relate was the fact that both you and your wife were an “open book”.  You are both driven and confident, but also talked freely about tough times in life and moments you weren’t so proud of…. That makes for approachable folks in my book.  God’s Speed, Jason Kyser / Texas / 2018


Hi Scott,
I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your skills, and knowledge with us this last week. I started this workshop with the feeling I already had an understanding about what I needed to know. It probably took me a little longer than most, but I finally realized how much I really didn’t know. I appreciate your patience, your ideas, and your direction.  I think you did a great job of working with me and everyone else in an individual way. And, I learned a great deal even while you were working with the others. I honestly feel satisfied with what I took away from this workshop and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning how to sculpt. Thanks again Scott, Sincerely, Joe / Tijeras, NM / 2018

Thanks again for presenting such an informative and exciting workshop (a mini mentorship, really). This sculpture workshop empowered me to try creating pieces of “real” art on my own, and not just left feeling overwhelmed by all the technical aspects achieving accurate representations of subject matter. All good instructors encourage seeing beyond the fundamentals, and you’ve successfully taught how to create strong pieces of fine sculpture using principles of good creative design.

I sill have quite a ways to go on the technical side, and will be committing much more time studying anatomy and making sure to measure throughout my piece, but more importantly, I feel I’ve acquired an essential insight into sculptural composition that will drive my work to completion with a higher purpose to achieve aesthetically superior work. Regards, Dan / Myrtle Beach, SC / 2018


Dear Sculpture Student:You are about to embark on a journey with Scott Rogers. It may be one of the most exhausting weeks but also one of the most illuminating weeks of your artistic learning. Scott’s class isn’t an easy class, you work! You are challenged to think, study, observe, reflect, analyze, see, and create to your highest level. These are good things and what one should get from a really good workshop.You also get to know a really good man…Scott Rogers. You get to know his journey to being the artist he is today. Most importantly, you get to know the Scott Rogers who is spiritual, giving, caring, and fun, which also makes him the artist he is today.Scott fully realizes the gifts his mentors have given him and he holds nothing back in passing his knowledge forward. There is no doubt that Scott can help you take your work to the next level. His energy and love of sculpting is there for the taking. Lynda Pauley, Ohio / Scott Rogers Student 2015


I just finished your workshop and I want to share with everyone how impressed I was with the way you work with us. This is by far the best workshop I have ever attended. This is what I would say about Scott and his workshops: he is not effusive– don’t expect to be congratulated on every work of art that you do. Expect to tear down your pieces 3 to 5 times. Expect to be challenged to produce something better. I learned so much about composition and design. I am so energized! I had honestly thought about stopping sculpting before I went to his workshop but now I am totally ready with three new pieces and more in my head. Thank you Scott for energizing my dream! Margaret Drake, Glen Rose, Texas / 2015 Workshop


“The past twenty-five year, I’ve been a professional sculptor in the toy and collectible industries, but just a skilled technician. In the past few years I’ve been turning my interest to sculpting my own western bronze figures of working dogs and their partners, and for the most part have been satisfied with the results, and actually, I was pleased with the piece that I took to the workshop. But being “satisfied” or “pleased” aren’t good enough – not for us, not for our collectors, and neither are subject and technique. Scott drew considerably more out of both my sculpture and myself than I ever expected; his thoughts and visions summed up in short sentences or single words will be what will have the impact on my future works, and had I not even touched clay all week, it still would have been a success and more than worth my time and expense to attend.”–  James Rogers, California / July 2009
Everyone needs something that lifts us up. Our daily lives and professions get so muted and routine. My profession as an artist has been missing something for a long time. Something told me that I really needed to spend some time learning from Scott even though I wasn’t a sculptor. My instincts were right because the value of what I learned from him exceeded my expectations. I’ve come to a new level in creating art. I’ve always depended heavily on reference material because I didn’t have a fundamental understanding of anatomy. The possibilities are endless now! Thanks Scott for a life-changing week.

– Chessney Sevier, Salt Lake City, Utah / July 2013 Workshop


I did not know Scott prior to this 5 day sculpture workshop. I had only seen his work on his website and in galleries. I found out about the workshop from an online search for sculpture workshops. I had been sculpting for 10+ years, and was mostly self-taught. I was therefore eager to take the workshop and learn some new techniques.

I ended up learning more about sculpture technique during that one week than I’ve learned in the ten years of self study leading up to this workshop.

The fact that 2 or 3 people in the class had taken a workshop from Scott in the past, proved to me that Scott was a great teacher. Scott has an impressive understanding of human anatomy and design principles.  I could tell that he really enjoyed teaching others and I found his critiques and input on my sculptures to be very valuable. He was open and honest about my work, but in a very constructive way – not only would he point out what was wrong with my piece, but he would explain exactly why it was wrong and what needed to be done to fix it. In particular he provided tremendous input on anatomy and design.

I would happily recommend Scott’s workshop to both beginners and advanced sculptors alike. Marvin, Utah / 2013 Workshop


Scott has the uncanny ability to to create great sculpture and also instruct his techniques and methods of creating strong forms.
Seems rare to find someone that has great sculptural talent and can enthusiastically convey knowledge that hones a balance of right and left brain analytics. He teaches strong disciplines capable of honoring spontaneity and imagination! Scott is able to see where people are are at with their own abilities and work from that level which is a progressive asset for anyone under his tutelage. Scott has great enthusiasm and passion in his work and is effective in cultivating that same passion to people he is teaching. Scott’s wisdom with”grandmotherly kindness”creates attentiveness with phrases such as; “the more you touch your piece, worse it is going to look” ; “that is pure poison / gold for you” and “what have you gone and done”!

I will be paying attention to many insights Scott was able to convey in his workshop for the rest of my life. Thanks Scott

Dave LaMure Jr., Kimberly, Idaho / July 2013 Workshop


“To learn from Scott was an amazing experience. He helped me take my sculpting to a whole new level and greatly increased my understanding of anatomy. Before I would spend a few weeks just trying to get the proportions right but now all I have to do is make some simple measurements, put in a few landmarks, and draw some lines. Now I’ve got a figure in just a few houres. Scotts words to me, “Anatomy, Anatomy, Anatomy”. Anybody looking to learn from a master need look no further , Scott’s one of the best.”- Jordan Wiesenberger, Salt Lake City, Utah / July 2011


To immerse yourself in a workshop with Scott Rogers is to come away with a stronger knowledge of anatomy, composition, design, and a vast treasure trove of creative do’s and dont’s.  Both your sculpture and sculpting can only become stronger as a result”. Peig Abbott, Canada / July 2009


“Beyond Expectations and mine were high.

My goal with Scott’s workshop was to improve my clay working skills and develop a better understanding of composition to a point that I could complete a sculpture worthy of casting in Bronze. Leaving the workshop with four pieces near completion exceeded my expectations. Be prepared to examine all forms of art with a new critical eye, you may not be ready for what you will learn.
See you next year”.
–  John Guest, Dallas, Texas / July 2009


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