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“Where the Buffalo Roam”

What is more American than the bison. Years ago, when I was studying these dudes, it was news to me that they roamed from Canada to Mexico and from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. Legend has it that these animals migrated north to what is now known as “Buffalo Minnesota”, (because it was shallow there), and crossed the Mississippi River to Eastern grazing lands.


This is how you scrub your buffalo…..at the car wash.


Buffalo Monument Delivered

Drove about 25 hours “one way” for delivery. As my Uncle Grant would say, “Go easy like a frog a walk’in.” I wanted no problemo’s, so I took the long way through Utah….Logan to Lehi to St George…….then through Las Vegas, Nev and on to Tempe, Tucson, spent night in Willcox, Az….on to El Paso, Van Horn, south to Marfa….arrived at Cibolo Creek Ranch.

Happy to have the first casting of this sculpture completed.




Final “raw metal” photo before patina

After one year of work….this bad boy is finally ready for patina. He weighs in at 1700 #’s. 6′ 9″ high.

I call him, “American Bison”.


Buffalo Monument / Finished in Metal

Grateful for a great team of men who make the molds, pour the waxes, pour the bronze, chase the metal.

“American Bison”

Notice the stainless steel supports underneath. They go up inside the buffalo to minimize lateral movement.





Buffalo Monument – Tail

When the tail is being attached….you know it’s getting close to being finished.




Buffalo Mold

The mold has been started on the buffalo monument. I thought it be fun to show on my blog the step-by-step process.

The sculpture has been divided into sections with shims. Many coats of latex rubber (usually six) are then added.




Buffalo Monument – Finished

It’s an amazing experience to finish a piece and then be alone with it. Its often numbing. There comes a quiet that is beyond words. A feeling of expansion takes over….a humility.






Buffalo rides

Buffalo rides for a buffalo nickel.


Words become reality

It’s amazing for me to follow / witness what my father called, “The daisy chain”. I think that phrase comes from kids making a chain out of the stems of daisies.

I deliver a monument to Texas. After the delivery, the ranch foreman tells me the owner of the place is looking for a monumental buffalo. I make a phone call to the owner about the possibility of creating a monumental buffalo for him. We agree on a price. I’m sculpting the thing.

It begs the question:
How many opportunities have I taken advantage of OR passed by because I did or didn’t listen?

Two months of sculpting / Two more months to go on the clay work.


Monumental Commission

Just completed this maquette of a buffalo that will now be enlarged into a 7 ft monument. We all know what I’ll be doing for the next five months. “Buried up to my neck in clay”.

If anyone has a suggestion for a title….please pass it on.


Title suggestions:
American Bison
Thunder Rolls

New sculptures

I’ve been working of these two pieces for several months.

Delivered them to Sage Creek Gallery for pre-casting…til the end of the year.

The man praying is called: Takin’ the Time

The bison is called: The Old Warrior