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“The Trooper” rides again.

Katie and I hit the road to Fernley, Nevada (East of Reno). Katie’s volleyball tourny in Reno coincided with this trip. We delivered this bad boy to the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetary. It’s going to overlook 7000 veterans graves.

While we were there, we met country singer, Lacy J. Dalton. She was the guest of honor at a ceremony honoring several deceased veterans. What a gracious lady she is. For those that are younger, and are not familiar with her songs, check her out on YouTube. “16th Avenue” and “The Wanderer” are two awesome songs. Her voice is magic.

Katie – Scott – Lacy J. Dalton




Pre-casts delivered safe to the foundry.

Delivered three pieces to the foundry yesterday. Took a blitz trip to Santa fe and picked these bad boys up.

Grateful for safe travel and mostly clear roads.

These three pieces are: The Jury is out / The Trooper (60% life) / Hashknife Pony Express.

I love leaving pieces in the clay for about a year now. It let’s me see them fresh a few times. Rodin once said, “For a piece to be great….I must have time to forget it”. I sooo relate to that.




Two more installed today

Hit the road to Marfa, Texas, to drop off these bad boys. After 3200 road miles, in six days, my hiney’s starting to wonder if my legs forgot how to walk.